Lethos Emerius

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Names: The Eye of the Storm, The Truthbringer
Essence: arcane magic, storm, cold, knowledge, illusion, and secrets.
Alignment: lawful neutral

Lethos Emerius was born decades after the Day of the Shattered Sky, and unlike many of the other Gods he did not ascend to godhood to save our world. We know he was an intelligent elven warrior who sought to unlock the mysteries of the elemental chaos that had descended on the land. His people were being killed by the magical disasters unleashed by Arcanus the Mad, and he sought to stop them.

It is said that Lethos went into isolation for 100 years to study magic. He studied each of its known forms: divine, primal, and psionic. From this study, some say he was able to understand and control this universal form of magic that was wielded by Arcanus. None know for certain, but that Lethos wielded great power is undisputed. The details of the battle are unknown, but it is said that Lethos found his way to the home of the Gods and killed Arcanus.

When Arcanus was destroyed, Lethos absorbed much of his power: magic, secrets, knowledge, and frost. The remaining essences of Arcanus were scattered amongst the gods. He would later regain the power of storm from Korros after doing battle on Titan’s Peak. Many ancient tales suggest that many of the mighty beasts of our land, like dragons and elementals, were once more mundane creatures transformed by shards of Arcanus. Even some of the civilized species have been afflicted with this arcane affinity, and those who embrace it are commonly called sorcerers.

Yet this sort of chaotic energy stands in opposition to the form of magic preferred by Lethos. He despises chaos, seeking an orderly practice of arcane magic. With the death of Arcanus, the storms of energy stopped. Lethos gave his companions small insights into the use of this newfound “arcane” magic to shape the nature of the universe, which they wrote down and turned into a scholarly discipline. The followers who learned magic in this way are commonly called wizards, and are the only sort of arcane magic embraced by the Church of Lethos.

Followers of Lethos today are most commonly found in the Elanian Republic, though mages of all lands hold him in reverence. His followers are expected to embrace rational thought and knowledge, and base their actions upon what their reason dictates. They should seek out the truth to unlock ancient secrets and try to uncover them, yet they must also respect the danger of providing too much knowledge to those unprepared for it. They should encourage the proper and responsible practice of arcane magic across the land.

The most common symbol for Lethos is an open eye surrounded by a blizzard or lightning storm. His followers favor the color purple and a second color, depending on their order. Winter Knights favor blue, Stormblades yellow, and unaffiliated scholars and priests favor white.

Lethos Emerius

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