Life is hard.

Years ago, things were better. Many, many years ago. These times are at best a long-faded memory. Few beacons of civilization stand out in this land. The great empires and republics of this land are but a shadow of their former power. Their leaders war and squabble while the crops burn and monstrous attacks continue.

Once, the land was tamed. Beasts that were once driven into caves and dungeons now travel the countryside; humanity hides in its few remaining cities. The savage races advance their own borders, and multiply in number.

The Republic of Elania to the East engages in endless debate, and seems more concerned over border disputes than with the growing chaos in the land. The elves have retreated deeper into the forest. The great giants of the Dalakan Empire have granted independence to their dwarven slaves in an attempt to fight off the dangers of the land itself.

In the center of all this chaos sits the an increasingly unstable country: The City-State of Amarath. Under the leadership of King Eric Rellathorn it has held strong against the forces encroaching on its valley. Yet the funds from the trade routes are drying up. The taxes are rising. The people grow weary of despotic rule in these troubled times.

This campaign is the story of the people of Amarath. A civil war is brewing, and a dark prophecy is unraveling. One day this time shall be known as the War of the Blades. But whether the silver or crimson flag flies over Amarath is yet to be seen.

War of the Blades

Blades banner hngkong Arcayn Bluejay