Devara Dawnbringer

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Names: The Lady of Light, Peacebringer, Shield of the Sun
Essence: Sun, Light, Life, Fertility, Preservation

Little is known of Devara’s life or homeland before the Day of the Shattered Sky. She was once a human, but the societies of men rise and fall rapidly over the ages. She was a great warrior who ascended to fight back the great evil that invaded our lands. While some warriors may favor Korros, and some mages embrace Lethos, nearly all the people of Amarath look to Devara for protection and blessing.

Worship of Devara has taken many forms, as her essence may contain a contradiction. Some seek to preserve life at all costs, swearing an oath to never kill. Others seek to preserve life where possible, and believe that to do so they must preserve order and destroy those who would endanger life. The goddess herself seems to bless her servants who follow either path, so long as their intentions to preserve life are pure.

Devaran priests tend to wear white, gold, and green. Their robes, tabards and shields are adorned with sunbursts, plants, and animal life. While pacifists often carry no arms, warriors within the order tend to favor one-handed blades and maces. This is not a strict prohibition, but a tradition based on the most common depictions of the goddess.

Devara Dawnbringer

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